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Passwords Base will keep all your passwords in a secure database, so you only
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5 December 2015

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Passwords Base provides the password protection to all your passwords.
As you have different passwords for different things, it is sometimes difficult to remember all the passwords. Therefore, a password to store all your passwords in a safe location is necessary. You can now suffice by remembering just this one password to the password base. These bases can be encrypted for security by a powerful algorithm, with a 256-bit key. The interface of the program is extremely easy to use. The GUI of the application has different icons displayed which need to be clicked for performing various actions on the program. The program displays the login information, the password you specified for it and the description of the database. The interface can be modified to change the look of panels and it also supports multiple languages.
Passwords Base is the tool which will remember all your passwords for you.

Publisher's description

Today, as the Internet has become integral part of the personal computer, you will need to enter passwords for access to different services. To get Windows network access, access to FTP file storage, social networks such as "Facebook" or "Twitter", etc. Of course it is not the best idea, to keep all passwords in your head.
Why you need to use different passwords?
It is not a secret that different services have different degrees of protection, some of them are simple to crack, others more difficult. If you use one password everywhere and someone gets this password you risk to give an attacker access to all of your accounts.
Passwords Base will keep all your passwords in a secure database, so you only have to remember one single master password. The database is encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms. A user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your passwords.
Passwords Base
Passwords Base
Version 5.08
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